Our Diary

On this page you can keep up to date with our work and see what events we have coming up. Check back regularly so you don’t miss any exciting news!

Support for two orphans

A week ago, little S told all his friends that when his mum returns from hospital he will give her a warm and long hug. Only to learn a few days later that his mum passed away in hospital. S and his brother J who is in high school, wereRead More

Women need safe spaces on rural farms

When you are told time and time again that you are not good enough and that your pain does not matter as much. When people don’t just look pass you, but to them, you do not even exist. When that has been your reality for generations it is hard notRead More

Middelpos farm: Rural farm women and children rising

We have been warned of extremely cold, wet and windy weather conditions in the Western Cape. Although we are very happy to have had nearly 70mm of rainfall since the start of the cold patch on Thursday, we are extremely worried about the many challenges that such weather brings toRead More

INSPIREletters from the children

Winter season is the most challenging for children on rural farms. Covid-19 and lockdown in South Africa make it even worse. The houses of the children on Middelpos farm are cold, wet and damped from rain leaking through their clay brick walls and asbetos roofs. It is so much harderRead More

INSPIREmoulsford partnership

We are so grateful to the children, parents, teachers and school management of Moulsford Prep School in England for adopting our charity in South Africa and supporting us in our journey to restore human dignity on Middelpos and surrounding farms. Due to the global outbreak of the Coronavirus, their schoolRead More