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Support for two orphans

A week ago, little S told all his friends that when his mum returns from hospital he will give her a warm and long hug. Only to learn a few days later that his mum passed away in hospital. S and his brother J who is in high school, were not prepared for their mum’s passing and the news left them very sad. They worry that they may have to live elsewhere and never see their home again. The farm and its people is their home.

The one-bedroom housing structure where they lived with their mother is not safe for the two boys. If they remain in their existing living conditions, they will be daily exposed to excessive drinking, violence and different forms of abuse. Already this morning, little S was sent to walk 10kms to buy cigarettes for one of the older men. To protect them, their future and prevent them from dropping out of school, we need your help. 

The older brother, J, was a silver medalist at the Commonwealth Judo Championship in 2016 and is in grade 10. He has besides this year, two more years left before he finishes school. J’s dream is to obtain a farming tertiary qualification to help strengthen the farming operations of Middelpos farm. His younger brother, S, struggles with concentration and basic literacy. He is currently repeating grade 1 which is the start of primary school. Both boys are participating in activities at INSPIRE CHILDREN AND YOUTH TRUST on Middelpos farm where they receive homework support, maintain a 0.5ha community food garden that feeds 900 rural farm families, JUDO practice session and competitions, basic primary health care, feeding and daily psychosocial support. The boys have a supportive environment on the farm which may be the only stability that they have after their mother’s passing. 

We need your financial contribution to help with the following please:

1. Renovation and furnishing of an old farm structure into a two-bedroom house with a toilet and kitchen for the boys and a housemother. 

2. Educational support (primary school, high school and later tertiary education:(school fees, school uniforms, stationery, food, books, etc.).

3. Basic essentials of food, clothes and primary health care. 

4. Salary per month for the housemother to take care of them.  

5. Psychosocial support for the two boys. 

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Thank you very much.