With the support of Distell Development Trust we began our sewing project with just four rural women. As the project has grown, so has the number of women taking part. We now have 21 women who can sew and print on various items.

The women have made nearly R5,000 from the sales of their handiwork so far. Whilst this may seem very little to some, to us it means the world. However, we want to go further!

Currently the women in our sewing project focus on creating veggie bags to package our organic vegetables and sell them to people in the surrounding areas. However, as our sewing project continues to grow, we hope that the products we offer will expand.

Our aim with the sewing project is to launch a line of Middelpos protective clothing for rural farm women that is safe and stylish. Not only will this create entrepreneurs out of our rural women, but it will also empower female farm workers by making them feel comfortable and stylish whilst at work.