Our Diary

On this page you can keep up to date with our work and see what events we have coming up. Check back regularly so you don’t miss any exciting news!

The poor helping the poor on rural farms

There is something extra special when the poor help each other. We believe that it is not because they much, but because they know exactly what it feels like to have nothing. Children and women grow organic vegetables in Auntie Judith’s Food Garden on Middelpos farm to feed themselves andRead More

Food for children, women, elderly people on farms

Thank you to everyone who has so far made a donation to help us hand out 167 food parcels to help just over 1000 vulnerable children, women, elderly and disabled people on Middelpos and surrounding farms have food during this difficult time of dealing with coronavirus. This could not beRead More

Rural farm children improve literacy and numeracy during lockdown

Every school in South Africa is closed. The government has made an amazing effort to make learning material available to children on television and other online platforms. Unfortunately, these platforms do not reach some of the remote rural farm children on Middelpos and surrounding farms. Our youth workers are workingRead More

Test Post 7

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