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Women need safe spaces on rural farms

When you are told time and time again that you are not good enough and that your pain does not matter as much. When people don’t just look pass you, but to them, you do not even exist. When that has been your reality for generations it is hard not let yourself think it is not true.

To make a decision to risk everything that has been known to you your entire life and be an example of a rural woman living on a rural farm who brings an end to a generational cycle of poverty, abuse, suffering, hardship and humiliation requires a safe space to create an alternative rural economy by farm women for farm women, daily intervention and lots of encouragement along the way. It also requires a safe space to make as many mistakes possible to learn from without judgement.

The women on Middelpos farm are a true INSPIRation to many who are experiencing the same challenges. They are working daily to improve their basic education, increase their health and create more opportunities so that more rural farm women can have financial security, adequate accommodation, social justice and a real chance to bring an end to poverty as they experience it.

We have thus far created permanent employment for 40 rural women on Middelpos and surrounding farms in just three years. The farm has the potential to create another 200 – 250 permanent jobs in the near future. Financial independency for rural farm women is key to tackle social justice on rural farms. Our work has just begun.

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