Veggie Bags

The rural farm children, youth and women on Middelpos and the surrounding farms refuse to receive any handouts. Instead, they are working daily to make an effort to contribute to their breakthrough out of the generational cycle of poverty.

One way of doing this is selling our veggie bags. The vegetables are grown by hand here in Auntie Judith’s Food Garden on Middelpos Farm. The seeds are planted and tended to by the rural women, and some rural men, who live on Middelpos and the surrounding farms. Once they are fully grown and delicious, they are picked by hand by our farm workers and rural women, before being packaged in a waterproof bag created and made by the women in our sewing project.

If you live in the surrounding area then we are able to deliver a veggie bag to you for R100, and the veggie bags are currently available to purchase through our website if you would like to support this initiative.