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INSPIREmoulsford partnership

We are so grateful to the children, parents, teachers and school management of Moulsford Prep School in England for adopting our charity in South Africa and supporting us in our journey to restore human dignity on Middelpos and surrounding farms. Due to the global outbreak of the Coronavirus, their school trip to South Africa that was due to take place in March 2020 was cancelled. Despite this sad reality, the team from Moulsford decided to go ahead and still support the work of INSPIRE on Middelpos farm by helping us to restore human dignity and strengthening the feeding programme for the children and their families.

Soon, the children will have a very old room renovated into a small kitchen on Middelpos farm. The kitchen will feed 55 rural farm children and 40 women daily. It will also use the vegetables to cook warm meals during cold and wet periods when poor and struggling farm families are in need of warm soup and bread to help keep them healthy. We hope that this kitchen will start feeding 500 farm families soon. The elderly people will use the kitchen at times to make pickled vegetables and jam from the organic vegetables grown by the children and women in Auntie Judith’s food garden. The pickled vegetables and jam are sold to support the children’s JUDO programme.

We can’t let all the secrets out of the bag just yet. Please watch the space for more updates!

Thank you so much Moulsford Prep School for the most amazing gift that seems so basic and yet so life changing for a rural farming community where it is exactly the basic of human existence that is lacking. Please know that we are so grateful to have your support. We can’t wait to serve meals to your school when you visit next. A million thank yous!