Children and Teenagers

Our primary focus at Inspire Children and Youth is the development of rural children and teenagers in order to restore human dignity on rural farms. We run a variety of projects aimed at rural youth to support them, inspire them, and help them escape generational poverty.

Our afterschool support program allows children and teenagers to receive a warm plate of food when they might otherwise have gone hungry, and provides them with a safe, warm and comfortable space to complete their homework. Facilitated by our youth workers, the children receive support with their homework as well as the opportunity to partake in enriching activities that stimulate their learning. There is also plenty occasion for games and active play to allow these young people to be the children that they are.

The children also partake in JUDO practice and competitions. Providing the children and teenagers with a space to practice JUDO allows them to develop skills in self-defence, confidence and determination. It also acts as a powerful incentive to attend school. When the children and teenagers partake in competitions they often win many medals, boosting their self-esteem.

Outside of the programmes we run it is important that the children and teenagers on Middelpos and the surrounding farms understand that Inspire Children and Youth is a safe space for them to be themselves. From taking children to school when they have missed the bus, or providing them with equipment they desperately need, we aim to encourage or children and teenagers to finish school and end the cycle of generational poverty. Perhaps most importantly, we want to provide spaces that allow our rural children to be free from the burdens of poverty and be able to be children