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The poor helping the poor on rural farms

There is something extra special when the poor help each other. We believe that it is not because they much, but because they know exactly what it feels like to have nothing.

Children and women grow organic vegetables in Auntie Judith’s Food Garden on Middelpos farm to feed themselves and to share with other vulnerable and poor families who live on surrounding farms. This food garden was started by the children in 2018 and is about 0.5ha in size. Children from as young as 4 years to 16 years worked a bit every day after school, during weekends and even during their school holidays to establish the garden by hand. They went home to ask the adults how to do what and also INSPIREd them with their energy.

Soon, the women (mostly their mothers and grandmothers) came to share the experience of growing vegetables with the children.

To contribute positively to help prevent the spread of covid-19 and help keep the vulnerable healthy, the children and women distributed vegetables to vulnerable elderly people on rural farms. They also shared the jam and pickled vegetables with them.