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Rural farm children improve literacy and numeracy during lockdown

Every school in South Africa is closed. The government has made an amazing effort to make learning material available to children on television and other online platforms. Unfortunately, these platforms do not reach some of the remote rural farm children on Middelpos and surrounding farms. Our youth workers are working hard to access learning material, make hundreds of photocopies and explain the work to the children on Middelpos farm.

After the rain of yesterday, the houses are cold, wet, damp and very dark. Many of the homes have one room in which the children and their parents, sometimes more than one family, sleep and eat. Despite these challenges, the children wait eagerly every morning for their day’s school in a room that they call home.

The activities are structured to help improve the basic numeray and literacy skills of the children. It also helps them to develop conflict resolution skills, increase concentration, improve their pen grip to improve their writing skills and to stay motivated to continue school at home.

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